We want your jewels to last! Here is how to care for your BEADS | by tara jewelry


Unless stated otherwise, all of our pieces are 14k gold filled. Gold filled metal consists of a thick layer of solid gold bonded (using heat and pressure, not painted), to a base, commonly jeweler's brass. Due to this pressure bonding, gold fill metal is second to best after solid gold, if properly cared for, can withstand the forces. The US industry standard for gold fill metal requires the metal to 5% gold by weight, or 1/20 of the metal's weight in solid gold. 

Gold filled jewelry is extremely durable, yet cost efficient-making it a highly desirable metal to create with. Gold filled jewelry is typically water resistant, but not 100% tarnish resistant. The longevity of your jewelry will depend on several factors:

Chemical Contact: Please avoid exposing jewelry to chemicals such as fragrances, lotions, skin care, hairspray, harsh/medicated soaps and shampoos, sunscreen, chlorine, or any items containing SULFUR. Chemicals react with the base metal and may cause your jewelry to tarnish or lose its luster. Please remove jewels if you believe they may be exposed to these chemicals. This goes for all types of metals!
    Residue: The natural oils from the skin, as well as skin pH serve as factors that affect the appearance of your jewelry. If you notice your jewelry appearing dull, clean your pieces under warm water and mild soap, once weekly. Pat dry, but do not rub. Please avoid using abrasive fabrics such as towels or clothes to dry your jewelry. A microfiber cloth is gentle and effective. Once a month, you may use a gold-polishing cloth to maintain the luster of your pieces or if you notice any areas looking dull or darkening.
      Storage: It is imperative to properly store your jewels. Again, this goes for all types of metal! While it is appealing to display your shiny pieces in plain view, oxygen in the air may cause oxidation and tarnishing of the gold. It is best to store your pieces in a jewelry box or in the sustainable jewelry pouch that comes with your order. Please keep out of areas of prolonged moisture such as bathrooms.

      A few of our pieces are high quality gold vermeil, essentially meaning a thick layer of 14k gold is plated, over a 925 sterling silver base. The industry standard requires that gold vermeil pieces be 3 microns of gold plating. 
      A key characteristic of gold vermeil jewelry, compared to gold plated jewelry, is that it is hypoallergenic to the sterling silver base metal. However, gold vermeil pieces are not 100% water resistant- the gold plating may wear away over time, but if properly cared for, may last 3+ years. It is therefore key to remove these pieces prior to exposure to water or any chemicals from above. Please follow the same chemical contact, residue, and storage guidelines listed above.

      Gold plated jewelry consists of a thin layer of solid gold plated over a base metal such as brass or nickel. Our gold plated jewelry is coated in a thick poly coat to ensure shine and extra protection that typical gold plated jewelry does not possess. Nevertheless, it is recommended to remove all plated jewelry prior to exposure to water or chemicals, as your jewels may tarnish or oxidize. Please follow the same chemical contact, residue, and storage guidelines listed above.