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Permanent Jewelry Appointment (San Francisco)


This is a deposit for a 20 minute appointment slot to receive a permanent bracelet, necklace, or anklet service. This deposit will count toward the final price of your service, which will be charged upon arrival to your appointment. Our studio is located in the Shades studio at 3151 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, California 94123. We are currently providing service on an appointment basis only, no walk-ins please!


  • Up to TWO (2) pieces may be purchased per appointment slot. If you would like 3+ pieces, please book an additional 20 minute appointment slot.
  • These are SINGLE CLIENT appointment slots. If booking for a group or friend, please make sure to purchase one appointment slot per person, or make sure every individual in your group purchases their own appointment slot.
  • We currently offer 14k Solid Gold, 14k Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, and 14k Solid Gold + Gold Fill chain and charm options.

PLEASE show up on time. Due to our tight schedule, after 5 min of a no-show, your appointment will be forfeited and deposit deemed non-refundable.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY: all appointments may be canceled or rescheduled at least 48 hours before appointment time, via the link provided in your confirmation email. Clients may cancel an appointment within 48 hours of appointment time if they are unable to make it, but will forfeit deposit and the ability to reschedule for free. Please note, due to high appointment demand, we unfortunately cannot make exceptions for illness or injury.


What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry (also known as infinity jewelry, bonded jewelry, or forever jewelry) is a unique method by which we fuse together two ends of a chain to create a seamless, elegant strand of gold or silver that adorns the wrist, neck, or ankle. It is a painless process that leaves you with a piece of jewelry you may shower and exercise in, and never have to worry about taking off. Permanent jewelry is a beautiful way to honor self-love, or a unique experience to commemorate the bond with your BFF, family member, or partner. It's suitable for all ages and genders, so book an appointment for you and all your loved ones!

1. What is the cost and what are the materials used? 

We offer a variety of gold fill chains, sterling silver, and 14k solid gold chains that are priced per inch that vary from $10-$14/inch and $20-24/inch We also offer gold fill charms and 14k birthstone connectors as add ons, that you may select from during your appointment. Please note, we aim to keep all chains in stock, but cannot guarantee inventory. Please email us ahead of time (more than 48 hours before your appointment) if you want to be certain we have your desired chain.

2. Does the process hurt?

Nope! Unlike a permanent tattoo, permanent jewelry does not actually attach to your skin. The process is completely painless and utilizes a micro laser beam to weld the chain together.

3. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Google Pay. Please note, we do not currently accept cash, check, or Venmo payments.

4. Can I wear my permanent jewelry through TSA?

Yes! Our chains, like the rest of our entire jewelry line, are TSA friendly, so you will never need to worry about taking it off.

5. What happens if I need to take my permanent jewelry off?

Not a problem, removing your piece is easy. Gently use a pair of scissors to cut your piece at the point where we solder it. If you keep your chain, we are happy to re-attach it for a $30 fee. Please note, chains cut off anywhere besides the solder mark are not able to be re-attached on, and a new chain will have to be purchased. 

6. Do you host groups or parties?

Absolutely! Planning a girls' night, baby shower, party or bachelorette event? Fortune tellers and face painters are a thing of the past - let us come to your event and adorn your guests with their own custom bracelet, anklet, or necklace and they'll leave with a special memory of the party for years to come. We would love to make your event memorable and are happy to host big groups, both in office or at your preferred destination. Please email us at with your group size and event details and we'll make it happen!

There are 4 basic tiers of gold jewelry. Solid gold, gold-filled, gold vermeil, and gold plated.

  • Solid gold is gold through in through and can be melted down and formed into any shape (since it is not bonded to a base metal). Its composition makes it rather expensive and unrealistic for the average consumer. By USA standards, gold-filled jewelry contains 5% solid gold by weight, while gold plated contains about 0.001% solid gold in weight.
  • Gold Filled is the closest relative to solid gold jewelry. Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of solid gold bonded onto the base layer, usually jeweler's brass. While gold plated jewelry usually has a thin layer of gold "painted" on the base metal (which can wear away easily), gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of gold bonded to the base metal using heat and pressure. Therefore, gold filled jewelry is not only affordable, it is durable and water/sweat resistant for years to come.
  • Gold Vermeil jewelry is one step above gold plated jewelry, because it contains a sterling silver base. This renders the jewelry hypoallergenic and perfect for those few who may have a sensitivity to the base metals of gold plated jewelry. Our gold vermeil jewelry utilizes 3 microns of gold over the sterling silver base. 3 microns of gold is the highest and most durable standard of vermeil plating. Our gold vermeil jewelry is very affordable and may last years if properly cared for.
  • Gold Plated jewelry is typically costume jewelry you may find in most clothing stores, on Amazon, etc. Be warned, some jewelry brands will try to sell gold plated jewelry for hundreds of dollars. Gold plated jewelry is a thick brass or nickel base with a thin, barely-there layer of gold flash painted on. This jewelry is not water resistant, and often irritates the skin for individuals sensitive to nickel. The only gold plated pieces we carry have a thick E-poly coating on top of our extra thick gold layer and are nickel-free, to ensure our customers do not react to these pieces.

Read our in-depth jewelry care article here!


We are thrilled to offer FREE domestic shipping via USPS within the United States for orders $100+. Current processing times are 2-5 business days for most orders. However, we try our best to ship out orders on the following business day. Please note, custom items may have different processing times, so please read item descriptions carefully.  Insurance is provided by Route and is added at checkout to every order. Customers who remove insurance are not eligible for refund or replacement if their order is lost or stolen. Route claims must be filed less than 30 days from shipment date of package.
Please read our full shipping policy here.


All products have a 60-day warranty, effective the date of delivery. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and does not cover against personal incidentals. We have full faith that our jewels are properly inspected and produced to ensure your orders arrive smoothly. While we do our very best to ensure defects and damage never occur, if you do receive a damaged item or have a manufacturing fault occurs, please contact us immediately at and we will resolve this ASAP! After 60 days from your order being placed, any damages to your jewels are considered wear and tear, and not a manufacturing defect. Please note, damage incurred due to improper care do not fall under this coverage.

Please read our full returns + exchange policy here.

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